AVG CloudCare
AVG Shield

AVG CloudCare provides complete protection for your business or your home computer.

Includes remote IT management module to technical support etc.

It includes all the standard protection you expect from an Antivirus Program plus Centralised Internet portal and subscription based payments of either Monthly, Yearly or every two years.

AVG CloudCare – Offers a range of functions to help protect your computer without reducing speed and performance.

  • Anti-Virus – protects against viruses, worms & Trojan’s that may corrupt your data or disable your computer.
  • Anti-Spyware – protects against spyware that may monitor your activities or scan your computer for credit card information or passwords.
  • Anti-Rootkit – protects against hidden threats and rootkits that deliver malicious content.
  • AVG Active Surf-Shield – real-time protection from poisoned web pages.
  • AVG Link Scanner – Scans web links to prevent you visiting harmful sites
  • AVG Firewall – Helps you to control what programs are allowed access to the Internet.
  • AVG Software Analyzer – Warns if any software is acting suspiciously
  • Remote IT – Management to allow technical support via the Internet.
AVG Email Security Service

ESS is a cloud-based protection system, designed to protect against spam, viruses, phishing attacks and malware to protect your domain email server.

AVG ESS is designed to work with a Domain email server. When an email is sent to an address on your domain it is forwarded to the AVG Spam Servers, there each email is checked for various threats and either released to your email server or added to a list of possible spam.

The list of possible spam is sent to your email address at nominated times during the day for you to review and then either release or block emails marked as spam. You can also “allow from sender”. This will allow all future emails from this address to be accepted in the future.

ESS will also white-list any emails you send out, so if you send an email to a particular address that email will be added to the white list. Upon receiving an email back from that address the email will be forwarded straight to your email server (with the exception of emails that contain viruses or hazardous types of files).

The ESS email system will also hold your emails for a few days i.e. in the case where your in-house email server is offline all emails will be held on the ESS server and delivered once your email server comes back on online.

In addition to all the above ESS also provide statistical reports about your sent/received emails. If you are having an issue sending to a particular email, ESS will provide you with an easier way to find why the email can’t be sent and hopefully correct the issue.

AVG CloudCare Prices
Product (per computer) Monthy 1x Year 2x Years
AVG CloudCare $2.00 $30.00 $40.00
Remote IT (remote assistance) Free Free Free
Anti Spam ESS (Full domain only) $2.00 N/A N/A
AVG Shield
AVG Authorized Reseller
AVG CloudCare
TDB SOFTWARE is a fully authorized re-seller of AVG products and can help install, maintain, update and resolve issues with AVG products.

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