I find Facemasks difficult to wear with mask dropping down and the filters falling out. So decided to do something to fix.

These are the masks I have been using.

Front of Mask

First the filter keeps falling out or moving around in the mask as the makers never secured in any way except to tuck under to material pockets on either side.

Anyway, I decided to used Velcro, cutting to 1” squares of the Hoop and same for the Loop.  On the first mask I sowed to the hook side to the filter and the loop side to the mask this worked well.

Back of Mask with filter in the middle

I found the sticky glue that comes with the Velcro is so very sticky that on the 2nd mask I just used the glue, If it come loose later then I will sow into place.

Anyway, now the filter stays where it is supposed to be 😊

Next securing the mask to my noggin,

I looked for a head band to connect the two loops of the mask but best I could find were some at about $10 each and it would take weeks to arrive. 

Ok, back drawing board hmmm, Velcro I had a couple of these straps on hand but you can buy all the main supermarkets etc.

I fitted the Velcro strips to the ear loops of the mask and sow into place so it could not move.

Testing – I fitted and adjusted the Velcro strips to size, with the mask loops going over the ears not around anymore. To my surprise it works very well and I am very pleased with the result. Hope this helps someone.  Let me know if you found a better way?


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