Horde 5.2

We are currently testing Horde which is compatible with our Linux servers. However all features are in testing mode and this list may not be 100% accurate until testing is complete

Main Advantages

  • GNU meaning it is essentially FREE
  • Sync Email, Calendars, Contacts. to most newer phones that are compatible with newer Active-sync
  • Should work with Outlook 2013/2016 with active-sync mode-only (however not the recommended method)
  • Compatible with Em-client(similar to outlook), via IMAP for email and Card/Caldav services for contacts and calendar

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Alternative Email

In-House IMAPI Email Server

Best for use with 10-500 users

Our Linux Servers provide a secure reliable email server and allows easy creation of individual and group addresses. For greater versatility, it works with any mail client that uses the industry-standard IMAP, POP3, and SMTP protocols.

Secure webmail allows users to access the server from a web browser anywhere on the Internet, to send and receive e-mail via an encrypted (128-bit SSL) link. On top of that it is equipped with ClamAV Antivirus and SpamAssassin to reduce the amount of unsolicited mail.

If you are tired of slow ISP email servers with long delivery times then this will provide emails direct to your server.

Exchange via a Cloud service

Best value for money for up to 5 users, but can handle more.

If you’re a business of 1-5 staff and still want this easy syncing technology (without the need for a server) then your best alternative would be to use a cloud provider such as IINET Hosting or Microsoft Email Cloud. This is a great alternative to hosting your own email server. Rough Pricing/Specs for just the emails.
NOTE You need a domain to use these email services:

  • IINET – $6.95 per/user/per month (Includes 25GB of Storage) – Exchange Account
  • MICROSOFT – $6.00 per/user/per month (Includes 50GB of storage) – Exchange Online Plan 1
  • MICROSOFT – $11.20 per/user/per month (Includes 100GB of storage) – Exchange Online Plan 2

Works with Outlook 2010, 2013, 2016 Sync and Activesync for phones and tablets.