Wireless Internet for Business
Need wireless Internet for your customers? We can help setup a free or paid WI-FI system for Cafes & Coffee Shops, Restaurants, Bars and Clubs, Function rooms, Motel rooms, guest houses etc.

Affordable – Don’t pay too much for what you need… Our wireless system gives you everything you require without blowing your budget. Our wireless start-up kit is priced from a low $399 including GST.

Profitable – Our Wi-Fi system can provide you with an opportunity, to collect your customers’ details as part of the entry to use the wireless Internet. This includes name, email address & mobile telephone numbers for future marketing.

Advertising – Display an advertisement or product special each time your customer logins into your Internet Wi-Fi system. These advertisements can easily be changed as required plus the system can be set to randomly select an advertisement from a list of your available advertisements.

Ticketing – Instead of marketing you may prefer to charge a fee for use or provide a voucher with a service or product you provide to your customer. These vouchers or tickets can be printed as needed or you can pre-print the tickets and given out with a product or service to your customer.

Reliable – Our custom designed software is combined with reliable & quality hardware to give a robust and stable wireless network. Additionally the whole system can be reset from one central point including all Wi-Fi access points connected to the system.

Coverage & Signal Strength – Do you have Low-signal strength in some areas or maybe just a large area to cover with Wi-Fi? We can help check signal strength and deploy additional Wi-Fi access points to cover and boost your wireless signal so your customers can enjoy wireless Internet access with out the drop outs and eliminate black spots areas.

Wireless Internet for Home
We can also help you resolve issues with wireless Internet access in your home. Including strengthening the wireless signal, installing additional wireless access points to boost the wireless signal in an area or room etc.



Would you like to know more? Call us today on 9390 7457 for a FREE quote or to discuss how we can tailor a wireless system to your business.